What is Joy?

I am preaching through the book of Philippians on theme of “Relentless Joy.”  This thought came to me and I would love to hear your thoughts reactions to or reflections on it:

Happiness is the self-focused pursuit of personal pleasure;

Joy is the internal satisfaction with Divine purpose.

What are your thoughts about this?

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7 thoughts on “What is Joy?

  1. I think you’re right. Happiness is related to the word “happenstance,” which has implications of luck or randomness. But joy is much deeper. You can experience joy even while you’re grieving.

    I think joy is related to peace. It includes an awareness that God is in control, and He’s working everything out, and I can delight in His plan.

    • I agree Melanie. I never thought of the connection between happiness and “happenstance”. Joy and peace are evidences that we are actively yielding to the direction of the Holy Spirit. When He’s in control, what is there to worry about? Thanks for sharing.

  2. From Bill Pannell email response:
    Sounds good, Jason, especially the difference between happiness and
    joy. Have you read “The Happiness Myth, The Historical Antidote To
    What Isn’t Working Today”? By Jennifer Michael Hecht, Harper One,
    2007. This reads fast and lively, but puts a lot of myths about our
    passion for happiness in historical perspective.This will broaden your
    perspectives on the American scene. I like the title of your series,
    and so would Paul..the Apostle that is

    • The American Ideal is the belief that we have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This produces a worldview that leads on to believe that we are entitled to a high degree of personal pleasure and satisfaction. But a Godly worldview tells us that our pursuit should instead pleasing God and passionately pursuing His kingdom. We need a paradigm shift.

  3. From Anthony Slade email response:
    What first came to me was the Holy Spirit. There are things inspired from a relationship with God and others from to pursuit of self gratification. That I would consider inspired from the Holy Spirit.

    Truly, Joy is one of the fruit of the Spirit and can only be Divine

  4. Sonya Berry

    Pastor Perry, Greetings! I have always felt that happiness is temporal and last for only a season. But joy, yes, Divine Joy is everlasting, because it comes from above, it is a nature of God, and if we have it and we should have it because that is what the Kingdom is all about, joy in the Holy Spirit, so if one is blessed to be filled with the Spirit then one walks in that Divine Joy and no trial or tribulation can move one out of that position of being lavished with that joy. Peace with God brings forth joy.

  5. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Joy is the gift from above and its not made by anything wich is canal or matirial. It is the strength when we are weak, it is the laugh whe we are sopposed crying,it is our yes when situation says no.it is that joy make us to see our tomorow.its mantained by the pressents of the Holy Spirit.

    if the joy lead Jesus to overcome pain he face on the Cross sholly it will take us throu.

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