Questions for God

The 2nd/3rd grade Sunday School class at my church recently submitted a list of “Questions to God” that they Questions for God asked the pastor to answer. The questions ranged from funny to intriguing to insightful.  I also found them to be questions that many adults would ask as well. See what you think.

❑    Did Jesus write the Bible?
❑    What good did God do to become to the King?
❑    How was God made?
❑    Why doesn’t God destroy Satan now?
❑    Jesus, did your son really die on the cross and rise again from the brave? (I think they meant to address this to God and they meant grave, not brave.
❑    What do you like in heaven?
❑    In heaven, are the streets really gold or are they painted?
❑    Do you take care of us?
❑    Do you take care of the world?
❑    How old is Jesus?
❑    When is Jesus’ real birthday?
❑    I want to know if you make money?
❑    Were there flowers back then?
❑    Do you like pie?
❑    Do you make mustard?

What questions would you ask God?

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